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Development Programming


Development is a progressive process that moves growth and prosperity from a lower level to an upper level along a given path. Targeted and proactive policies, strategies and programs are required along the way to influence the shape, slope, size, context, trend, speed, and impact of development outcomes. ADMA strongly believes that transforming structures and outcomes of national economies for ensuring better jobs sustainable growth, and shared development cannot happen on its own. ADMA is at your service to help you in managing the development process efficiently and effectively to get to your desirable outcome.

Policy Formulation, Analysis & 


Public Sector Management

Governance & Leadership

Institutional Development

Corporate & Government Diplomacy


Corporate & Government Relations

Reputation building & Branding

Diplomatic Protocol & Etiquette

Public Relations

Diplomacy is dynamic, with broad utility in many professions and technical settings, leveraged to achieve entities’ goals. Diplomacy carries the notion that effective institutions must change with time to remain relevant in our rapidly changing environments. In our globalized world, with multidimensional interconnections and information channels, states and corporations or development institutions must constantly reform and refine their roles and build a positive reputation that wins the hearts and minds of their employees and the public. 

The African regional integration agenda including the roll-out of the African Continental Free Trade Area, are imposing new requirements on development activities, thus, governments and corporations are expected to correspondingly adjust.   With these new trends, fast and well-coordinated diplomatic responses is what ADMA brings to its clients. ADMA is at your service to provide innovative expert advice and creative solutions. We do these by deploying diplomatic tools and tactfulness to suit the needs of clients.

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