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Our Mission

ADMA's mission is to assist our clients solve problems, create value, maximize growth, improve operational performance, and efficiently meet their overall objectives. To fulfill this mission, we work with our clients to identify and analyze development and diplomacy problems, formulate and design strategic policies and programs, and when requested, assist with their implementation.

Our Capability Statement

ADMA's Team is composed of Senior Associates, each bringing to the table more than 25 years of work experiences at national, regional and international levels. They are supported by a team of specialized subject-matter Associates with great experiences ranging from 10-24 years of doing development and/or diplomatic work.  Members of the team have provided quality technical, professional, managerial and leadership services to African Governments, Global and Regional Organizations and Private Sector Establishments. The ADMA team is flexible in its approach and has demonstrated creativity and innovation; problem-solving and strategic planning abilities; strong interpersonal and communication skills, and the capacity to cope with pressure and challenges. An Advisory Council, each member highly achieved and knowledgeable about the development and diplomatic challenges facing African Governments, is constituted and provides policy and guidance to the work of the ADMA team.

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