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Toga Gayewea McIntosh, PhD

Executive Director

Toga served as Vice President of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) for four years, where he coordinated the work of 13 Commissioners that were engaged in overseeing development work for the 15 member countries in West Africa. On the national stage, he served in various technical, administrative, professional, and managerial positions for a total of 26 years with five of those years serving respectively as Minister of Planning and Economic Affairs, and Minister of Foreign Affairs for Liberia. On the international stage, Toga was Executive Director for two years representing 22 African countries on the Board of the World Bank Group. He also worked for nearly ten years as a Senior Economic Officer at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, advising African governments and building senior-level staffing capacities for the better management of their development agendas. Toga brings to the ADMA Team a high degree of dedication, commitment and a rich basket of experiences and competencies in (a) socio-economic research and analysis; (b) policy and institutional reform; and (c) designing and executing workshops, policy seminars and conferences. He has written several technical papers and publications on development management and human resources development and utilization.

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B. Elias Shoniyin

Managing Director

Elias is an international affairs, development, and policy professional, with over 20 years in public service and nonprofit, where he made significant contributions to the post-war recovery and development of Liberia. He was a World Fellow at Yale University in 2019.  Elias’ extensive professional expertise spanned multiple executive-level portfolios including, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Foreign Minister, Deputy Minister for International Economic Cooperation and Integration, as well as Assistant Foreign Minister for Int’l Cooperation and Economic Affairs, respectively in Liberia; Board Chair of Foreign Service Institute, Board Member of Liberia National Commission on Small Arms (LINSA), Starz University, Liberia, etc. His leadership inspired strategic reforms in Liberia’s Foreign Ministry, and he played a pivotal role in deepening Liberia’s post-conflict ties with the comity of nations and expanded cooperation on new frontiers. Elias coordinated Liberia’s resource mobilization efforts during West Africa Ebola outbreak in 2014, resulting to the earliest containment of the virus in Liberia. His multilateral work includes over eleven years as Advisor to the Liberian delegations to the United Nations General Assembly and lead negotiator at the Second, Third and Fourth Committees, African Union, ECOWAS, etc. He is a lecturer in International Relations at the University of Liberia graduate school. Elias brings to ADMA Team, the combination of drive, dedication, creativity, technical competence, experience, and leadership in contemporary diplomacy, investment policy, global trading system, policy analysis, negotiations and mediation, public sector management and capacity building.

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Anthony Barclay, PhD

Head of Publication

Anthony has over 40 years of experiences in policy planning and management, analytical research, fiscal policy and banking, and capacity building. He served as Senior Advisor to the Executive Director, World Bank Africa Group I for 8 years, working with 22 African countries.  Prior, he was the Human Development and Poverty Alleviation Advisor in the ECOWAS Commission and served as Program Officer at the African Capacity Building Foundation with headquarters in Harare Zimbabwe. Anthony served as the Executive Director for Planning and Research at the Central Bank of Liberia. He was National Economist/Economic Specialist at UNDP/Liberia and an Assistant Professor in Regional Planning and Institutional Development at the University of Liberia. Over the years he accumulated knowledge and skills in development economics, finance, regional development and public policy and administration at national, regional, and international levels. Anthony brings to the ADMA Team his experiences in (a) providing excellent skills in combining intellectual and analytical rigor with strategic operational focus; (b) advising on improving operational efficiency and processes within public institutions; and (c) conducting development-oriented research and studies. He has published at least five books and many professional articles.

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Doris Idahor

Head of Capacity Development

Doris Idahor is concluding a PhD in Public Policy and Administration with Walden University, USA. She holds a Master of Public Health degree and is a Fellow of the West African Postgraduate College of Pharmacists. Doris has amassed over 22 years professional experience spanning both public and private institutions in multiple settings, with competencies in Public Policy, Human Resource Management, Organizational Development, Strategic Planning, Human and Institutional Capacity Development, amongst others.Doris is a World Bank/IFC Certified Business EdgeTM Trainer with experience in training needs assessment, curriculum development, and adult learning methodologies. Her accomplishments in Liberia include training and mentoring supervisors in 31 public institutions in the development of over 3,000 job descriptions for established positions; Technical Team Lead in the development of the Performance Management System for the Civil Service of Liberia; and advisory support to the Ministry of Health in the review and development of various health system strengthening policies and strategies. She brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this team.

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Amb. Nathaniel Barnes Pic.jpeg

Milton Nathaniel Barnes

Senior Associate

Nathaniel Barnes is a corporate executive, diplomat, entrepreneur and scholar, with over thirty-five years of senior executive management experience, and a 2005 Presidential candidate in Liberia. Nathaniel’s outstanding competence and leadership were asserted in his transformational approach to finance, development and diplomacy in important roles including as Finance Minister of Liberia; Director General of the National Social Security & Welfare Corporation (NASSCOP) – Liberia; Liberia Permanent Representative to the United Nations; Liberia Ambassador to the United States and Cuba; and Nortel Networks in Finance, Internal Control and Marketing.

In these high-profile offices, inter alias, Barnes played a pivotal role in lifting of economic sanctions on Liberia and the return of Liberia as a responsible member of the comity of nations, following many years of conflict. In the last few years, Barnes has been drawing on his distinguished broad experience to provide advisory services on international political, social and economic issues in Africa, particularly, in post-conflict environments.  He is a lecturer at the African Methodist Episcopal University graduate school in Liberia, and the author of Left Brain, Right Brain: Thoughts and Musings of a Servant on Globalization, Poverty, Conflict, Humanity.

Dr Ibrahima Kaba Pic.jpeg

Ibrahima Kaba, PhD

Head of Relations 

Brahima Kaba’s distinguished career has spanned over 40 years in education, administration, diplomacy, and development consultancy. His professional background also includes research work both in public service and insurance agency operation. In the course of Brahima’s career, he acquired high level competency in both quantitative and qualitative research design and analyses, human resource development and management, project design and implementation, life and health insurance product delivery, as well as public policy formulation, planning and diplomacy.

His career success is complimented by an extensive international exposure, giving him a profound multicultural worldview and multilingual proficiency in English, French and Mandingo, as well as a working understanding of spoken Spanish and Arabic.

Brahima brings wealth of highly skilled experience and insights to ADMA and its clients.

Prof. Filex Adesina Pic.jpeg

Prof. Filex Adesina

Senior Associate

Prof. Filex Adesina Pic.jpeg
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Senior Associate

Francis is a trained Agriculture Economist, with specialization in planning, project preparation/evaluation, and management, spanning over 20 years. His contributions in this area are well acknowledged, including his work towards the development of the agricultural sector in Liberia, in the preparation, execution and management of the National Agricultural plan.

In recent years, his work has been directed towards restructuring/re-developing the financial sector in Liberia, and also serving as a diplomat. In these efforts, Francis served as Deputy Minister of Finance, Executive Director of the African Development Bank, representing Liberia, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Ghana, and Sudan, and also as Liberia Ambassador to the Africa Union, Ethiopia, European Union, Belgium, and Luxemburg.

 Francis’ broad expertise and depth of knowledge is an asset to ADMA’s mission and in achieving its commitments to clients


Burkhard Luber, PhD

Senior Associate

Burkhard is a renowned international peace researcher, university and NGO lecturer in international affairs, peace education and organizational capacity building, and editor of a political magazine in Germany. Burkhard’s career spanned over 35 years in diverse professional areas including as a Senior Research Fellow at the International Peace Research Foundation, Frankfurt; Director of an international adult college near Hannover/Germany, where he supervised exchange programs with Italy, Portugal and Poland; Director of The Threshold, an international peace work foundation in Bremen/Germany – working on  projects of post-war re-construction and peace education in several countries including former Yugoslavia, the Caucasus and Colombia. Burkhard also served as consultant for several MPs in various German state parliaments and in the German federal parliament and was the lead person for a number of major research projects about disarmament in Germany. He authored several books on international politics. 

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